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Tunnel Production Facts and Tips

New to Tunnel Production?

Consider the following:

1. Primary Benefit

Assess the primary benefit you want to achieve e.g. Do you want to extend your growing season by either creating a warmer/cooler growing environment? Do you purely require increased production during your main season?

2. Site

Plan the proposed site properly. Consider to orientation to the sun? How sheltered is the site and what is the predominant wind direction? What type of soil conditions do you have as this may affect the ease of installation? Is the proposed site on a slope or in a valley?

3. Climate

Consider minimum and maximum temperatures during the season. Any localized climatical conditions e.g. extreme wind or snow occurrence.

4. Consult

Work with local authorities and consult with any parties that may be affected by your project e.g. neighbours, water authorities etc. Consult with your agronomical advisers as to the considerations between traditional and protected growing.

Please provide Elite Tunnels personnel with as much of the above-mentioned information as possible. This will allow us to give the right advice from the start ensuring that we recommend the most cost-effective and suitable solutions.