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Why use Elite Tunnels?

Elite Tunnels Ltd are leading commercial agricultural polytunnel suppliers based in Scotland in the UK. Our range of commercial polytunnel styles and components are manufactured using premium quality materials sourced from reliable suppliers.

The experience gained by our personnel in the agricultural and polytunnel industry will ensure you receive the right guidance from the start.

We take pride in the quality of our customer service, and aim to ensure that we provide a good range of commercial agricultural polytunnels specially designed to enhance both early and late production through a wide variety of crops.

  As specialist polytunnel suppliers, we understand the challenges
faced by today’s growers and are therefore confident that with our
quality commercial polytunnels and unparalleled customer service,
you will regard us as a committed partner in your business rather than
just a polytunnel supplier.  

Elite Tunnels manufacture and supply ...

Polytunnels in various styles: Enviro, Spanish, High-Sided, Top Vent, and Solo Enviro tunnels

Table-top Substrate
Growing Systems

Polythene &
other ancillaries

tunnel design

Drone footage of a recent Elite Tunnels installation

See more polytunnels drone footage, a polytunnels image gallery, and further useful information related to polytunnels on the Resources page.

Drone footage of an Elite Tunnels installation – East Coast of Australia

Our promise of quality

We are a privately owned and run organisation with decades of experience in the sectors that matter most for the production of polytunnels. 

Our experience in the polytunnels sector is unparalleled for a business of our size. We may be relatively small in employee count, but we have a highly skilled, experienced, and professional workforce supplying farmers globally via our network of agents. For a full list of the countries, in which we currently operate, together with the local agent contact details, visit our Contact page. 

We pride ourselves on the relationships we build, and ensure the longevity of that relationship by giving valuable advice and service, and – as our name suggests – building premium-quality products. Our loyal customers return year after year due to the relationship we have built and the quality and after-service we provide. 

Our prefabricators use high-quality materials to ensure a premium-quality product. If our product fails due to materials or craftsmanship, we’ll fix it.

That’s our promise.

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