Elite Tunnels polytunnel products

Benefits associated with polytunnel production

Benefits associated with table-top production

Our product range

Elite Spanish polytunnels

A trusted favourite which has proven itself over the years by being the preferred tunnel choice for main season summer production.

Elite High Side polytunnels

A variant of our Spanish polytunnels. Developed for additional workspace alongside the leg rows.

Elite Enviro polytunnels

Specially designed to enhance early and late production through a variety of crops. The design allows the polytunnel to be vented.

Elite Solo Enviro polytunnels

A version of the multi-span Enviro polytunnel which is particularly suited to early and late production.

Elite Top Vent polytunnels

Specifically designed to reduce humidity and temperature within the growing environment.

Elite Table-top production

Table-top production considerably reduces labour input and costs, as well as creating a hygienic in-field environment.

Elite ancillaries and parts

We stock all ancillary products and parts relating to Polytunnels and Table-top systems.
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